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Patriot is the ONLY local ISP on the Mornington Peninsula
We started in 1995 and have seen many competitors move to overseas call centres,
but we're here to stay

You deserve LOCAL support from a LOCAL provider,  join Patriot Internet

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Broadband ADSL Internet

Email access and SPAM Filtering is included free on all plans.
Our SPAM filter stops over 95% of junk email.
As a member you also receive discounts on most products and services at Patriot Computers, Rosebud.

Plan Speed
Excess Data Price
ADSL2 20Mbps/1Mbps Please Call

All plans have a 6 month minimum contract period.
A connection fee of $89 applies on all plans.
(The connection fee does not apply if you are transferring an ADSL service from another provider)
Transfer speed is reduced to 64/64k when the included data amount is reached. (ADSL2 plans are reduced to 128/128k)

  Setup Options

Modem Model Modem Details Price
Wireless WIFI Modem With WIFI Wireless and LAN connections, for multiple computers. (Inc 1 Micro Filter)
ready to plug in & go

Why Join Patriot?

bullet 100% Local Business
We are a 100% local ISP established in 1995. We are fully committed to local service and support.
We are a long standing business of over 19 years here on the Peninsula.
bulletSPAM & Virus Filtering
Many ISPís donít have effective SPAM and Virus filtering and some charge $5 per month for it.
Our successful filter stops over 95% of spam. (Due to our daily adjustments and tuning)
We provide full SPAM & Virus email filtering free of charge to all members.
bulletLocal Support
With Patriot, you get friendly local support and can speak directly to our local staff when you call.
Unlike large national companies that frequently have annoying 30 minute ďon holdĒ delays, before being put through to an overseas call center.
bullet No Contracts
We donít lock you into a 24 month contract. Long contracts generally prevent you from being entitled to
reductions in monthly prices that occur during your contract Period. With Patriot, you are entitled to price reductions even if you are still in your contract period.
bullet One Stop Shop
We offer a full support service.
When an issue arises we are able to help even if the fault is with your computer or software.
We also offer attractive discounts on our computer products and services to all Patriot members.
bulletMembers Discounts
We have an exclusive discount system that entitles all Patriot members to discounts off most items that we sell in the shop as well as discounts off computer repairs.
bullet Reliability
We put a lot of priority on service reliability.
We have systems and monitors that look out for problems and fix issues as they occur.
Our servers are monitored and have large capacity battery backup to keep them online in the event and interruption to the mains power supply.

How do I join? - There are 3 easy ways to join.

bullet (1) Call in to our shop at 11 Newington Ave, Rosebud, VIC 3939
bullet (2) Download a membership form (Under Review, please call or email) , print the form and post or fax.
bullet (3) Send us your Name and Address via Email and we will post out an application form.

Any Questions?

bullet Call us on 03 5986 1530 (Rosebud)
bullet Email your questions to and we will get back to you.

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